Initial session #60

Emotion-Coaching + Consultation | 60 minutes with Nivea

  • 1 Stunde
  • 80 Euro
  • Online-Session via zoom


Sessions can be used to help you achieve your goals by removing mental barriers or “blocks”. These may be physical, emotional, spiritual, traumatic, or habits/attitudes you would like to change. In each of these sessions we will address whatever you’re requesting and solve your issues. The initial session is one hour and includes you sharing your goals and challenges, and me answering questions about the treatment modality (modalities) you are interested in exploring. We can also begin with one of the assessments described above. Please come to the session with 3-4 issues you would like to focus on. - To get to know each other - Anamnesis of the issues to be addressed - We will assess which issue has priority for your system. - We will focus on one issue at a time and release the trapped emotions associated with it; and then move on to the next issue. - Definition of the therapy goal and results - Developing an individual therapy plan - Releasing the first trapped emotions with the EmotionCode™